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Cordola Biography

Age:  41
Lives: Los Angeles, California        
Occupation: Producer, guitarist for Nancy Sinatra
Other talents: Plays several instruments (i.e. guitars, dobro, bouzouki, mandolin, balalaika, auto harp, triplate, banjo, ukulele, percussion, jaw harp, bell tree, hammered dulcimer), singer, songwriter

Producer/conceptualist/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Lanny Cordola started his musical sojourn with MCA recording artist Giuffria, a mid-80's hard rock outfit that charted a couple of singles and slipped into heavy MTV rotation. Giuffria eventually blossomed into House of Lords, the first band to sign a deal with Kiss' Gene Simmons and his eponymous record label, distributed through RCA. After almost two years on the road with HOL, Cordola has gone on to write, produce and perform on over fifty albums of considerable variety and breadth. Along the way, he has worked with such formidable talents as Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Perry, Carole King, the Beach Boys, Patti Austin, Slash and Duff McKagan (of Guns N' Roses), Poe, Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Black Oak Arkansas, the Cult, Toto, supermodel Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Denny Laine (of Wings), Spencer Davis, Vanilla Fudge, Little Richard, Jack Bruce, Etta James, Sammy Davis Jr. and the Dust Brothers - the production team who've worked with Beck and the Rolling Stones.    

The new millennium has seen Cordola forge alliances with such performers as Atlantic recording artist Beth Hart, SX10 (featuring Sen Dog of Cypress Hill), Grammy-nominated vocalist Everlast, and Capitol recording artists Kottonmouth Kings.  Lanny recently spearheaded production on a Bruce Springsteen tribute record. Mike Love (the Beach Boys), Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield, Poco), the Persuasions, Grammy-nominated blues singer Little Milton, and rock legend Ronnie Spector are just a handful of the artists who appear on the album. Prior to that, Cordola co-produced (with DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill) the Latin hip hop guru Mellow Man Ace CD, “From The Darkness To The Light.” Along with his production duties, Cordola has remixed a number of songs by such artists as Bob Marley, Berlin, Tiffany, Missing Persons and Cherie Currie (of the Runaways). He has also co-written six songs to be included on the upcoming Mr. Big album, “Actual Size.”

Cordola is heavily involved in scoring films, just completing work on two new pictures: Pauley Shore's “You'll Never Weiz In This Town” with cameos by Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, Whoopi Goldberg, Dr. Dre, Tom Sizemore and Tommy Lee; and “Now You Know” starring Kevin Smith and Jeff Anderson (“Clerks,” “Dogma,” etc.).

Cordola also just completed producing “Hollywood Zen” by Aztec Circus featuring Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses, the Cult), as well as the self-titled release by Like Hell, a Minneapolis band, with guest performances from members of the Pixies and Queens of the Stone Age.

Upcoming for Cordola is production work for Sen Dog's (Cypress Hill) solo debut; a role in “2001 Maniacs,” a feature film starring Gene Simmons and Robert Englund; a collaboration with Ray Manzarek (The Doors); and work on a fourth solo album.    

Giuffria, "Silk & Steel"                                                                                              (MCA, 1986)
Shout, "It Won't Be Long"                                                                                             (Frontline, 1988)
House Of Lords, "House Of Lords"                                                                                     (RCA, 1988)
Shout, "In Your Face"                                                                                                   (Frontline, 1989)
Bill Ward, "Ward One:  Along The Way"                                                                (Chameleon, 1990)
Sam Kinison, "Leader Of The Banned"                                                               (Warner Bros., 1990)
Doro Pesch, "Doro"                                                                                                      (Polygram, 1990)
Tamplin & Friends,"An Axe To Grind"                                                                           (Intense, 1990)
Lanny Cordola, "Electric Warrior/Acoustic Saint"                                                        (Intense, 1991)
Ransom (Producer), "Soul Asylum"                                                                                (Intense, 1992)
John Stamos & The Beach Boys, "Forever" (single)                                                  (Brother, 1992)    Magdallan, "Big Bang"                                                                                              (Intense, 1992)
Liason, "Hard Hitter"                                                                                                      (Frontline, 1992)
Jon Gibson, "Forever Friends"                                                                                     (Frontline, 1992)
Lanny Cordola,"Of Riffs And Symphonies"                                                                        (ERG, 1992)
Guitar On The Edge, Compilation                                                                                   (Legato, 1992)
Shack of Peasants, "Classic Blues, Vol. 1"                                                             (Metro One, 1993)
Magdalen, "Revolution Mind"                                                                                               (ERG, 1993)
Utahanda,"Believe"                                                                                                               (ERG, 1993)
Vesta Williams,"Vesta Williams"                                                                                     (A & M, 1993)
Shack Of Peasants, "Gospel Blues, Vol. 2"                                                             (Metro One, 1993)
Various Artists, "Blues For The Child"                                                                         (Frontline, 1993)
Shades Of Blue, "Shades Of Blue"                                                                              (Frontline, 1994)
Magdalen, "The Dirt"                                                                                                      (Frontline, 1994)
Panarama Ramblers,"Return To Hamilton County"                                                      (Benson, 1995)
Carol Huston,"Grace"                                                                                                  (Graceland, 1995)
Reggae Worship, "Volume Two"                                                                                  (Frontline, 1995)
Jazz Trio, "Trinity Sessions"                                                                                           (Frontline 1995)
Reggae Worship, "Volume Three"                                                                            (Graceland, 1995)
Teddy Andreas, "Innocent Loser"                                                                                (Samsung, 1996)
Chaos Is The Poetry, "Chaos Is The Poetry"                                                                (Alarma, 1996)
CMC's (Producer), "Everyday Death Sentence"                                                           (Alarma, 1996)
Everyday Life (Producer) ,"Disgruntled"                                                                         (Alarma, 1996)
Honey, "Honey"                                                                                                            (Samsung, 1996)
Symbiotica, “Symbiotica”                                                                                                 (Alarma, 1997)
Poe,  “Great Expectations”                                                                                              (Atlantic, 1997)
Odd Man Out, “Odd Man Out”                                                                                      (Samsung, 1998)
Patti Austin, “Patty Austin”                                                                                            (Samsung, 1998)
Lanny Cordola, “Salvation Medicine Show”                                                                (Frontline, 1998)
Antonio Nadir, “Antonio Nadir”                                                                                       (Espanol, 1998)
Pat Torpey, “Odd Man Out”                                                                                       (Video Arts, 1998)
Various Artists (Producer), “New Friends In Low Places”                                       (Cleopatra, 1999)    Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Producer), “Darling Nikki”                                         (Cleopatra, 1999)
Bob Marley (Remix Producer), “African Herbman”                                                   (Cleopatra, 1999)
FrontLine Assembly  w/ Tiffany (Producer), “New Year's Day”                                (Cleopatra, 1999)
Missing Persons (Producer), “Walking In L.A.                                                          (Cleopatra, 1999)
Black Oak Arkansas (Producer), “The Wild Bunch”                                                 (Cleopatra, 1999)
Dr. John, “The Next Hex”                                                                                              (Cleopatra, 1999)
Sen Dog (of Cypress Hill), “The Wanton Song”                                                        (Cleopatra, 1999)
Terri Nunn (of Berlin), “Sex”                                                                                         (Cleopatra, 1999)
Beth Hart, “By Her”                                                                                                            (Atlantic, 1999)
SX10 Featuring Sen Dog (Producer), “Mad Dog American”                                 (Latin Thug, 2000)      Mellow Man Ace (Producer), “From The Darkness Into The Light                          (X-Ray, 2000)
Cherie Currie, “For Your Eyes Only”                                                                           (Cleopatra, 2000)
Tribute To Bruce Springsteen, “Made In The U.S.A.”                                              (Cleopatra, 2001)
Arsyn, “Degeneration”                                                                                            (Mass Appeal, 2001)
Mr. Big, “Actual Size”                                                                                                        (Atlantic, 2001)
Aztec Circus, “Hollywood Zen”                                                                                      (Earthlink, 2002)
Freddie Cannon, “Palisades Park”                                                                                      (Ace, 2002)
Dave Coulier, “Dave Coulier”                                                                                     (Full House, 2002)
Hideki (Siam Shade), “Hideki”                                                                                 (Fuji Pacific, 2002)

Tours & Concerts

w/  Vanilla Fudge                      Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary Concert
                                                               Madison Square Garden - May 14, 1988

w/  House Of Lords                   United States        1988-89     supporting Cheap Trick
                                           Europe                    1989          supporting Scorpions      
                                                       Holland                      1989               supporting Queensryche
                                                   Germany             1989              supporting Ozzy Osbourne
                                               United States       1989               supporting .38 Special

w/  The Beach Boys                          United States       1992-93

w/ Slash, Duff and                             Slamdance                
Matt Sorum of Guns N' Roses           Park City, UT     1999
w/ Cherie Currie                                 Hollywood Cancer Benefit - 2001         
w/ Gary Oldman                                 Celebrity Benefit - May 2002
w/ Nancy Sinatra                                Europe - August 2002            

Films & Television (Appearances):

American Bandstand (with Giuffria)                    ABC               1986
Full House (John Stamos, Bob Saget)                    ABC               1987 - 95
Tap (Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis Jr.)                    Tri-Star               1989
Look Who's Talking (Scott Baio)                    ABC               1992               
2001 Maniacs (Gene Simmons, Robert Englund)               Independent          2002
Film Scores & Soundtracks:

Can You Feel Me Dancing (Justine Bateman)                          CBS Movie           1985
Lion Heart (Jean Claude Van Damme)                                         Tri-Star               1990
"Revolution Mind" & "Cypress Calling"
Soundman (William Forsythe)                                                    Feature Film          1998
The Last Marshal (Scott Glenn)                                                  Feature Film          1999         
The Librarians                                                                              Feature Film          2000
Fish In A Barrel                                                                               Feature Film          2001
ESPN (Sports Center)                                                                       Sports                2001
You'll Never Weiz In This Town (Pauly Shore, Sean Penn)     Feature Film          2002
Now You Know (Kevin Smith, Jeff Anderson)                            Feature Film          2002    
2001 Maniacs (Gene Simmons, Robert Englund)                    Feature Film          2002    
American Family (Edward James Olmos)                                          PBS               2002
Blunt                                                                                                         MTV               2002

Musicians and songwriters include Ozzy Osbourne; Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses); Carole King; Spencer Davis; Denny Laine (Wings); Bobby Kimball (Toto); Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey (Mr. Big); Marty Friedman (Megadeth); Patrick Moraz (Yes); Steve Perry (Journey); Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake); Mark Stein, Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge); Herb Pedersen (Jerry Garcia, Gram Parsons); Byron Berline (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris); Joe Diorio; Jeff Berlin; Tony Guerrero; Brian Bromberg; Kim Stone (Rippingtons, Spyro Gyra); Robin MacAuley (MSG); Jason Scheff (Chicago); David Amato (REO Speedwagon); Black Oak Arkansas; Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons); The Kottenmouth Kings (Capitol Records); Anthony Michael Hall (actor/musician); Gary Oldman (actor/musician); Freddy Cannon (musician); Lamya (singer).

Producers include Kevin Elson (Aerosmith, Mr. Big, Journey); Richie Zito (Cheap Trick, Heart); John Purdell (Ozzy Osbourne, L.A. Guns); Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin, Van Halen); Pat Glaser (Nightranger); Gene Simmons (Kiss).

Additional collaborations/associations include Union Entertainment (Nickelback, Saliva); Mossimo (fashion designer); XM Satellite (appearance at launching w/ Lauryn Hill); Tom Disanto (Producer of X-Men); Tim Sullivan (Producer of Detroit Rock City); Jeff Franklin (Producer/Director of Full House and Love Stinks).